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  • By Jeremy Burbank, Vice President and Louise Keely, President, The Demand Institute December 3, 2014

    What People Want, but Don't Have

    For many Americans, housing is their biggest expense, but also their biggest asset. Despite this fact, most Americans are less than fully satisfied with their homes and communities as they are today. We refer to the gap between what is important to people in a home — and what they actually have — as the "Satisfaction Gap."

  • By Jeremy Burbank, Vice President and Louise Keely, President, The Demand Institute October 30, 2014

    On Their Own Terms

    Baby Boomers will continue to have a significant impact on the economy and housing market over the next five years. But don’t expect this generation to stick to the script when it comes to retirement and housing decisions.

  • October 13, 2014

    Anticipating the Needs of 8 Billion People

    This week, The Demand Institute introduced Project 8 at Dreamforce 2014, the annual event that draws more than 100,000 innovators to San Francisco.

    In development over the past two years, Project 8 is a global collaboration to help the United Nations and other public and private sector organizations better anticipate the needs of 8 billion people and beyond.

  • By Jeremy Burbank, Vice President and Louise Keely, President, The Demand Institute September 16, 2014

    Still Seeking the American Dream

    The weight of Millennial influence on the economy and housing market will be significant over the next five years. But despite the growing influence of Millennials, many myths to the contrary persist.

  • June 27, 2014

    How the sharp contrast between successful and struggling communities is reshaping America. 

  • By Louise Keely, Chief Research Officer, The Demand Institute February 26, 2014

    Learn more about where the U.S. housing market is headed over the next five years

    Participate in our innovative program and obtain access to the complete forecasts and databases that are showcased in A Tale of 2000 Cities — plus your team will receive advance, in-depth access to a unique study of U.S. consumers in advance of our next major report.

  • By Mark Leiter, Chairman, The Demand Institute May 15, 2012

    The U.S. housing market is growing again—but not as we knew it

    Our homes play a vital role in our lives, from the time we awake in the morning to when we return home from a long day at work or school. For many Americans their home is also their most valuable financial asset. But recently this has proved to be a rather volatile asset, and dramatic changes in home values have created stress for many Americans.

  • By Louise Keely, Chief Research Officer at The Demand Institute March 2, 2012

    Illuminating the gap between macro and micro forecasts of U.S. consumer demand in 2014

    Macro forecasts of U.S. Consumer demand project consumers will spend $11.5 trillion in 2014, while the aggregate of all relevant micro forecasts leads us to a number that ranges between $13.5 trillion to $17 trillion. In this article we explain this multi-trillion dollar gap and what it implies for business and government leaders.