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American Communities & U.S. Housing Research

In 2012, we published The Shifting Nature of U.S. Housing Demand. At a time when many experts and journalists were still asking if the housing market had really turned a corner, Time magazine said our report was “one of the most comprehensive and substantive arguments we’ve seen yet that the housing market is nearing the light at the end of the tunnel.”  

Following that report, The Demand Institute launched an in-depth knowledge building program to assess how consumers will spend $9 trillion buying, renovating and renting homes over the next five years in the broader context of the evolution of American Communities.  Our first publication from this new work is A Tale of 2000 Cities: how the sharp contrast between successful and struggling communities is reshaping America.

Participating organizations have gained access to deeper knowledge and insights not contained in the public report.  Current participants include private sector organizations drawn from housing, real estate, banking, home furnishings, technology and media industries as well as public-sector organizations that include U.S. government agencies, trade associations and universities.

Participating organizations can subscribe to the program and receive the following knowledge:

Regional, state, and local housing demand forecasts: Housing is one of the central assets for consumers and a key driver of every local economy. Our joint economics and consumer research team has produced detailed forecasts for housing demand (owning and renting) at the national and regional level. This includes projections for all 50 U.S. states and for the top 50 largest metropolitan areas over the next five years. Within each market, we are delivering insights onmany important dimensions of housing demand and market activity, which influences the housing market as well as a wide range of related consumer industries.

Detailed profiles on 2,200 American communities: This unique database includes several hundred economic and demographic profiling variables for each of the 2,200 cities, towns, and villages across America. For each community, participants can obtain both a broad view of the local economy and communitydemographics and a deep view of the real estate market. Our team has scored and indexed each community on multiple dimensions to enable our participants to prioritize their local market development investments and programs in the coming months and years. This powerful database delivers value on a stand-alone basis and can be appended to our participant’s proprietary local market knowledge.

In-depth interviews with 10,000 U.S. households:  Our team interviewed a nationally representative selection of 10,000 U.S. households, spending about an hour with each head of household asking over 150 detailed questions about their family, their home, and their local community. Our analysis of these interviews has generated a unique understanding of how consumers are making major decisions in relation to where and how they live — including how they will spend their money on home buying, selling, repairing, improving, renovating, and relocation activities over the next five years. We have also created an entirely fresh view on U.S. housing market structure and segmentation, which will inform a wide range of innovation and marketing opportunities for our participants.

Download the program overview or contact us below for more information. A more detailed package describing all of the benefits, deliverables, and fees is available upon request.