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How we work

We are neither historians nor futurists. The primary focus in our work is examining large, high stakes consumer markets where demand is starting to shift in fundamental ways – and yet there is still significant uncertainty around how those shifts will play out over the next 3-5 years. We are most interested in describing how consumer demand will create shifts to new spending behaviors, and to understand the forces at work that can accelerate (or inhibit) these transitions. We are independent and objective at all times, as we do not operate in consumer markets and have no bias for how the demand shift unfolds over time.

Our preferred approach for building new knowledge is to convene coalitions of businesses, governments, NGOs, and academics with relevant expertise to collaborate with our teams as we describe and analyze important demand shifts. This model ensures that we are benefitting from the very best available thinking on a given topic as well as having a group of experts to pressure-test our findings and conclusions, and yet enables us to maintain our independence and neutrality.