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The Conference Board and Nielsen are fortunate to have access to a very seasoned group of executives who provide governance, oversight, advice and global market perspective.

Josef Ackermann
Chairman of the Management Board,
Deutsche Bank AG* 


James Attwood
Managing Director,
Carlyle Group*** 


George Barrett
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer,
Cardinal Health Inc.* 


David Calhoun
Executive Chairman, 


Douglas Conant
Former Chief Executive Officer,
Campbell Soup Company* 


Alan Dachs
President & Chief Executive Officer,
Fremont Group* 


Samuel Di Piazza
Vice Chairman,
Institutional Clients Group, Citigroup** 


Anne Golden
President & Chief Executive Officer,
Conference Board Canada* 


Francisco Gonzalez
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer,


Illene Gordon
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer,
Ingredion Incorporated* 


Pablo Gonzalez Guajardo
Chief Executive Officer, 
Kimberly-Clark de Mexico* 


Karen Hoguet
Chief Financial Officer, 
Macy's Inc.*** 


Cesar Allerta Izuel
Executive Chairman and CEO, 


Dipak Jain


James Kilts
Former Chairman & CEO,


Harry Kraemer, Jr.
Executive Partner,
Madison Dearborn Partners* 


Myles Lee
former Chief Executive Officer,


Vikram Malhotra
Chairman of the Americas,
McKinsey & Company* 


Padrig McManus
Chief Executive Officer,
Electric Supply Board* 


Robert Mortiz
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP* 


Dr. Daniel F. Muzyka
President and CEO,
Conference Board of Canada* 


Alexander Navab
Co-Head North American Private Equity,
Kohlberg Kravis & Roberts*** 


Pat O'Doherty
Chief Executive Officer,
Electric Supply Board* 


Robert Pozen
Chairman Emeritus, 
MFS Investment Management*** 


Vivek Ranadivé
Chairman & CEO, 
TIBCO Software***


Ganesh B. Rao
Managing Director, 
Thomas H. Lee Partners, L.P.***


Edward Rust
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, 
State Farm Insurance Company* 


David Schmittlein
MIT Sloan School of Management* 


Susan Schwab
Professor of Public Policy, 
University of Maryland* 


Javier Teruel
Retired Vice Chairman,
Colgate-Palmolive Company*** 


Paul Volcker
Former Chairman of the Board of Governors,
The Federal Reserve System** 


Ronald Williams
Retired Chief Executive Officer,
Aetna Inc* 


Key To Affiliation:
* Board of Trustees, The Conference Board
** Co-Chair, The Conference Board Global Advisory Board
*** Board of Directors, Nielsen